Why Israel will not get Recognition?

2nd Edition




The destructive ambition of

Musharraf – An inquiry into his mind and behaviour 


 Revolution in Pakistan




May 12, 2007

Musharraf - An MQM guerilla
 In Islamabad




Lessons from Gujrat Strike

Can Lawyers of Pakistan Lead the People?




The Bajaur Attack

An American Crime in Pakistan

And the Total Bankruptcy of

The Government and the Opposition




F.C. College Movement

To Take Back the College From an American Church






An MQM Guerilla Cannot be the Dam-Builder of Pakistan




Why Israel will not get Recognition?
1st Edition




America and Israel can attack Muslim countries with
weapons of mass destruction






Labbaik Allahhumma Labbaik

What is Pakistan's role when the Muslim world struggles
against the US-led West including Israel for a final solution?




Our Moment of Truth


A commitment by the People of Pakistan
to Change the course of History




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